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Graduate Degrees - Ph. D. Program in Food and Nutrition Sciences

Food and Nutrition Sciences    The program leading to the Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition Sciences is a cooperative offering of faculty in Food Science and Human Nutrition, Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Biological Engineering, and School of Marine Sciences. Ph.D. candidates choose one of the cooperating Departments for their major area of study and research and a Graduate Committee is formed to include members from one or more of these academic areas.

An individualized program of study is developed by the student and Graduate Committee according to guidelines prepared by the Nutrition Sciences Program Committee. Course requirements are flexible but include 4 credits of seminar with formal courses in nutrition sciences and related areas chosen to prepare the student for comprehensive examinations and research expertise.

The interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Food and Nutrition Sciences has variable credit hour requirements. It usually requires an additional 60 hours and an additional 3-4 years beyond the Master’s to complete. Students may pursue a terminal M.S. degree or sequential M.S. and Ph.D. degrees; students with a Master’s degree from another institution may enter the Ph.D. program directly. Courses in statistics are required as part of the program of study.

Comprehensive examinations are required at the end of formal course work, but may be taken no earlier than one year into the program. Both written and oral examinations must be passed. The written must be passed before the oral and a maximum of three attempts is allowed for the written/oral examinations combined.

A proficiency requirement of one language or one skill is required. Acceptability of the language or skill is determined by the student’s Graduate Committee. Demonstration of proficiency is determined by a member or members of the Graduate Faculty in the appropriate area.  An original research investigation is carried out under the direction of a major advisor. A dissertation is prepared describing results of the research and results are presented in a formal seminar.

Desirable courses for the candidates for the Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition Sciences are given by each of the cooperating departments or research clusters and are listed in the Course Descriptions section of the online catalog.

Additional courses offered by the cooperating departments and other departments may be taken upon approval of the student’s graduate committee.

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