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Welcome to Food Science and Human Nutrition

Serving the State of Maine and Beyond…

Greetings!  The Food Science and Human Nutrition Faculty and Staff at the University of Maine welcome you!

We are dedicated to providing quality undergraduate and graduate education, relevant research, and exceptional public service.  Our faculty collaborates with researchers and industrial partners within the state and around the globe. Our facilities in Hitchner Hall contain spacious research laboratories, a commercial teaching kitchen, a Consumer Testing Center for sensory evaluation of foods, and a Pilot Plant food processing facility.

The undergraduate degree program leads to a B.S. degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition.  Three concentrations are offered: Food Science, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Management.  Each concentration prepares students for different careers in the area of food science and human nutrition. Students who meet admission criteria may enter our programs in September, January or during the summer. Interested students should submit their applications several months in advance to insure admission for the next semester. Undergraduate student applications are available through the Office of Admissions.

Graduate students traditionally work on research projects that are ongoing among the faculty; hence, it is important for incoming graduates to be aware of research interests of each graduate faculty member. Students and major faculty advisors mutually seek out each other for common interests and research support. We have limited teaching assistantships and research assistantships as determined by grant funding of individual faculty. Teaching assistantships include tuition payment. Research assistantships may or may not cover tuition. Student fees are not covered by assistantships. All graduates have the opportunity for health coverage through the university. Assistantships pay part of the health coverage. All students holding an assistantship are charged instate tuition rates, regardless of where they come from.

We encourage prospective students to visit. Should you desire to visit the campus or want additional information please contact the appropriate coordinator to set up a tour.

For information on undergraduate programs:
Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Mona Therrien, phone: (207) 581-3130, email:

For information on graduate programs: ;  Phone: (207) 581-2947