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Online Courses

**While the research cluster of Food Science and Human Nutrition offers a variety of Online classes to meet the needs of their students and to facilitate distance learning, one cannot obtain a degree from our area from  studying solely online. ** 


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Why take online college courses? Supplement your studies with online education and take advantage of studying around your work, student, or family schedules.  Our online courses are accredited and taught by the faculty in the research cluster.  There are a variety of Food Science and Nutrition classes online to choose from.  Online undergraduate courses as well as online graduate courses are offered every semester.

ONLINE Courses in the research cluster of Food Science and Human Nutrition:

FSN 101 Introduction to Food and Nutrition

A survey of food and nutrition principles, including the influence of food patterns on health and physical performance; description of a balanced diet; study of the nutrients, interrelationships, sources, effects of processing and storage, food safety, fads, controversies. (Satisfies the General Education Science Applications of Scientific Knowledge Requirement.) Cr. 3. Fall, Mrs. Musgrave (On-line).

FSN 230 Nutritional and Medical Terminology

Fundamentals of vocabulary for nutritionists and other health professionals. Cr. 1. Every semester; On-line only. Dr. Camire

FSN 238 Applied Food Microbiology & Sanitation

Microbiology as it applies to the causes and control of food spoilage; issues of food safety and sanitation in food systems. Upon completion of the course, students will be eligible for a Food Safety Management certification. Cr 3. Spring. On-line. Dr. Wu

FSN 270 World Food and Nutrition

Investigation of the adequacy of world food supplies, and of the contributions to malnutrition made by poverty, government policies, and population growth. (Satisfies the General Education Human Values and Social Context Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives Requirement.) Cr. 3. Fall, Spring, Summer. On-line. Dr. Cook

FSN 436 Food Law

Examination and discussion of federal laws and regulations applying to the processing, handling, distribution and serving of food products. Prerequisite: FSN 330 or permission. Cr 3. Spring On-line. Dr. A. Bushway.

FSN 501 Advanced Human Nutrition

Basic nutrition science with emphasis on energy, protein, vitamin, macro-mineral and endocrine function and metabolism. Prerequisite: FSN 410 or permission. Cr. 3. Spring, Odd years. On-line. Dr. Camire.

FSN 502 Food Preservation

Thermal processing, freezing, dehydration, extrusion-cooking, irradiation, and packaging as applied to the food industry. Prerequisite: FSN 330 and BMB 300 or permission. Cr. 3. Fall, even years. On-line. Dr. A. Bushway and Dr. Camire.

FSN 508 Nutrition and Aging

Roles of nutrients, foods and supplements in maintaining health during aging. Prerequisite: FSN 301 or permission. Cr. 3 . Summer. On-line. Dr. Camire.

FSN 514 Principles of Thermal Processing

Principles of processing of low-acid canned foods and acidified foods, including an understandng of thermal process schedules, types of processing equipment, sanitation and spoilage of thermally processed foods. Prerequisite: permission. Cr 1. Summer, even years On-line. Dr. A. Bushway and Dr. Camire.

FSN 524 Research Methods and Biostatistical Techniques

Evaluates research design and statistics used in the areas of nutritional and medical research. Lec 3, Cr 3. Fall, On-line. Dr. Camire.

FSN 603 Nutrients and Food Processing

Review of the changes in food nutrient composition and bioavailability during processing from harvest to consumers. Prerequisite: FSN 410, FSN 502 or permission. Cr. 3. Spring, even years On-line. Dr. Camire.