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Faculty and Staff - Adrienne A. White

Professor and Director of the Dietetic Internship Program
School of Food and Agriculture
Food Science and Human Nutrition
5735 Hitchner Hall, Room 113
University of Maine
Orono, ME  04469-5735

Phone; 207-581-3134
Fax: 207-581-1636




1989 R.D. Certification

1988 Ph.D. Nutrition Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

1968 B.S. Home Economics Education, University of Tennessee

Professional Experience | Courses Taught | Research Interests | Funded Projects | Publications | Professional Activities

Professional Experience 

Professor, Human Nutrition, University of Maine, 2008; 70% teaching, 30% research appointment.

Associate Professor, Human Nutrition, University of Maine, 1995-2008

Dietetic Internship Coordinator, 1996 – present.
Assistant Professor, Human Nutrition, University of Maine, 1988-1994

Home Economics Teacher, Memphis, Tennessee, 1968-1972


2008 Society for Nutrition Education Helen Denning Ullrich Award of Excellence

2007 Society for Nutrition Education Mid-Career Achievement Award

Courses Taught

FSN 401 Community Nutrition – Spring

FSN 650 Dietetic Internship Orientation I – Fall

FSN 651 Dietetic Internship Orientation II – Spring

FSN 652 Dietetic Internship Evaluation – Fall

FSN 681 Dietetic Internship Supervised Practice- Summer, Fall

Research Interests

  • Relationships between nutrition and behavior using theory-based models to understand food-related behavior and facilitate behavior change
  • Use of web-based technology to deliver nutrition interventions
  • Environmental supports on college campuses for healthful eating behavior
  • Family interventions for healthy weights in children
  • Research design using community-based participatory research approaches


Funded Projects

USDA-AFRI. iCook: A 4-H Program to Promote Culinary Skills and Family Meals for Obesity Prevention. Multistate Research. 2012-2016. $2,469,949.

Davis Family Foundation. Davis Family Foundation. The M.O.M.’s Project: A pilot study to investigate nutritional health in the Cobscook Bay area. 2010-12. $25,000 to Maine Institute for Human Genetics and Health.. UMaine subaward $12,269.


Maine Community Foundation. An environmental audit and online survey of the quality of life and culinary needs of adult food preparers of children 2-12 years in Eastport, Maine 2010-12. $10,000 to Greater Eastport Ecumenical Churches Association. UMaine subaward $6000.


USDA-NRI. Development of a Randomized Trial Guided by the Process of PRECEDE-PROCEED for Prevention of Excessive Weight Gain in Communities of Young Adults 2009-12.  Multi-state research. Maine sub award $75,999.


Multistate Research Project

North Central Regional Research (NC1193). Assessing and addressing individual and environmental factors that influence eating behavior of young adults. 2012-2016.

Environments supports on college campuses for healthful eating behavior on Excessive Weight Gain in Communities of Young Adults. Multi-state Research Group.  Funded by USDA National Research Initiative.

North Central Regional Research (NC1028). Promoting Healthful Eating to Prevent Excessive Weight Gain in Young Adults. Funded by Maine Agricultural Experiment Station.

Behavior Change for Obesity Prevention in Young Adults. Multi-state Research Group. Funded by USDA National Research Initiative.

Recent Publications

Greene GW, Schembre SM, White AA, Hoerr SL, Lohse B, Shoff S, Horacek T, Riebe D, Patterson J, Phillips BW, Kattelmann KK, Blissmer B. Identifying clusters of college students at elevated health risk based on eating and exercise behaviors and psychosocial determinants of body weight J. Am. Diet. Asso. 2011:111 (3),394-400.

Milan JE, White AA. Impact of a stage-tailored, web-based intervention on folic acid intake of college women.  Am J Health Promotion. 2010:24(6), 384-387.

Greaney ML, Lees FD, White AA, Dayton SF, Riebe D,
Blissmer B, Shoff S, Walsh J, Greene GW. College Students’ Barriers and Enablers for Healthful Weight Management:  A Qualitative Study. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2009;41(4):281-286.

Walsh JR, White AA, Greaney ML. Using focus groups to identify factors affecting healthy weight maintenance in college males. Nutrition Research. 2009;29: 371-378.

Do M, Kattelmann K, Boeckner L, White A, Greene G, Hoerr S, Horacek T, Lohse B, Phillips B. Low-income young adults report increased variety in fruit and vegetable intake following a stage-tailored intervention. Nutrition Research. 2008; 28: 517–522.

Park A, Nitzke S, Kritsch K, Kattelmann K, White A, Boeckner L, Lohse B, Hoerr S, Greene G, Zhang Z. Internet-based interventions have potential to affect short-term mediators and indicators of dietary behavior of young adults. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2008;40(5):288-297.

Nitzke S, Kritsch K, Boeckner L, Greene G, Hoerr S, Horacek T, Kattelmann K, Lohse B, Oakland MJ, Phillips B, White A. A Stage-tailored Multi-modal Intervention Increases Fruit and Vegetable Intakes Health Promotion. 2007; 21(4): 1-9.

Professional Activities and/or Services

Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior

Board Director-at-Large, Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior

Co-chair, Membership Committee

Board Liaison to the Journal Committee for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Member, Marketing Subcommittee

Member, Supplemental Issues Subcommittee

Member, Division of Higher Education

Member, Division of Weight Realities

Board Liaison to Weight Realities

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

Maine Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

American Dietetic Association

Dietetic Educators of Practitioners Practice Group

Research Dietetic Practice Group

Maine Dietetic Association Board member

Board member, Education Chair

Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society, advisor to Alpha Beta Chapter

Phi Kappa Phi

Grace Evangelical College and Seminary
Advisory Board

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