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About Us - Facilities


Food Science and Human Nutrition offices and research laboratories have been located in Hitchner Hall since completion of the new wings in 2002.  Room 101, the research cluster office, is the access point for all FSN faculty offices. Graduate students offices are located in Room 100. The first floor in the main wing also holds the mail room, break room, lobby, and research laboratories for several faculty members.

 On the second floor of the wing are four faculty laboratories, the Chemical Food Safety Lab, the Clinical Nutrition Lab, and a large classroom. The Clinical Nutrition Laboratory provides nutrition researchers with a Beckman-Coulter CX-4 Pro clinical analyzer, a Deteco digital weight scale with statiometer, a Datascope Duo electronic blood pressure device, and a recently-acquired Hologic Discovery W bone densitometer capable of measurable whole body composition.

The Pilot Plant wing is located at the back of Hitchner Hall. The wing contains a small laboratory for texture analysis, a 25-seat classroom,the Commercial Kitchen teaching facility, the Consumer Testing Center, and the Pilot Plant. A computer cluster for students is located nearby.

The Pilot Plant is equipped with walk-in refrigerators and freezers, as well as processing equipment including a pasteurizer, smokehouse, freeze-dryer, ozone-applicator, vacuum-packaging equipment, meat processing equipment, cheese making equipment and a pasta maker just to name a few.

 The Farm Store building is located adjacent to Hitchner Hall. The street-side of the building houses our famous Black Bear ice cream processing equipment. The ice cream is sold in the Memorial Union year-round. The back half of the Farm Store is dedicated to extrusion research. The facility has a Coperion Werner Pfleiderer ZSK-25 twin screw extruder and associated equipment

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